ABOUT HEARTSAVER™ & Walter Bregman

HEARTSAVER™ is the brainchild of former CEO, advertising executive and author, Walter W. Bregman. In his career, Bregman was President of International Playtex, V.P. Advertising and Marketing for E& J Gallo Wineries, he was President of one of one of the top twenty advertising agencies in America and wrote a book about his experiences: SPRAY THE BEAR - Reminiscences From the Golden Age of Advertising see www.spraythebear.com.

During his retirement, Bregman, as many of us, saw friends experience heart attacks, some fatal. In talking to doctors and reading available medical literature, he learned that many fatalities could have been prevented if the victim had taken an aspirin immediately upon recognition of heart attack symptoms. (See what the experts say.)

Unfortunately, he found that most people failed to carry an aspirin because they had no safe, waterproof and convenient way to do it. Hence, HEARTSAVER™. Bregman hopes that many people will utilize his invention and that lives will be saved. As he says, "Isn't your life or your loved ones worth less than ten dollars"?

If you have a lifesaving experience with HEARTSAVER™ please let him know. (See "contact page")